Things You Need to Consider Before Living In a Condo

A condominium or simply condo is a great choice for a home for people of various family sizes. Whether you are living alone or have children, you can find a condo that is just your size. Condos are affordable and have on-site facilities like swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds and so on. Living in other kinds of houses, these facilities would be available at an extra cost. There are many kinds of condos; what considerations should you bear in mind before renting or buying one?

Maintenance Fees

All the shared facilities in the residents need to be cared for and maintained. The funds to do this will come from your pockets. Be sure to ask how much these are on average and ensure that it is a figure you are comfortable with paying. The actual amount this will depend on the facilities available, so it helps to live in a condo with only the facilities that you use.


Like with any other real estate investment, the location of your condo is very important. Is it near the amenities you need like schools, hospitals, shopping areas and others? This will help you access the things you need fast. Other than looking at the geographical location of the development, also consider where the unit you will be living in is located. Choose a unit that has a lot of natural light and a nice view, if possible.

Security and social life

You may think that the shared amenities will give you the chance to socialize with people living in the neighbourhood but this is not always the case. In some condo neighbourhoods, people live like a big family while in others they live like strangers. What do you prefer? One of the best ways to find out about the neighbourhood you are about to move into is to visit it. Take a trip there and stay for a while as you survey to get a feel for how the people there interact. While there, be sure to look at the security features. Are there CCTV cameras, security guards and other security features? Remember that the best home is a place where you and your family can feel safe.


Although it is clear that condos are cheaper than detached houses, the price of the condo you buy should be affordable to you. Look for a property that suits your needs without straying from your budget. To ensure that the property is sold at its rightful market price, it would be wise to engage the services of a realtor. Such a professional will help you choose the right home for you and keep you from making mistakes that could be costly in the future.