When is the Best Season to Buy a Condo?

The prices of condos change on a seasonal basis. If these changes are not known most probably you will lose money if you buy one and it is not the proper time. By the proper time, we mean the season with the cheapest prices so that you could save. However, if you are having a financial crisis we would not advise to buy a condo as they can be very expensive.

The best season for you to buy a condo would be winter. Nevertheless, there are advantages and disadvantages to every season, therefore we will be explaining to them and then you can choose which one is the most appropriate time for you.


Because it is just after the retailers have had their winter holidays and they are relaxed and ready to start working but also because of everything flourishes, spring is the biggest house-selling season. If you would like to have a proper tour of the condo and have the best experience while deciding to buy it then spring would be the right season for you.

However, expect very high prices. As mentioned, it is the beginning of the new period of house-selling thus retailers increase the prices. They believe that if someone wants to immediately buy a house then the retailers will gain much revenue. Plus there is an entire year ahead for them to adjust the prices.

In addition, do not expect much competition during spring. So if you do not like to compete with other people and buy whichever condo you
like then spring would be the right season for you.


Summer is a great season for full inventories and you can explore as many condos as you want. There will be many options for you to choose from. Prices will not be as high as in spring. However, they are still overpriced as the retailers try to make as much money as possible during these two seasons.

There will be more competition than in spring. Since school has not started yet and many people have their yearly days off from work in summer it is usually easier to move during this season. If you have a big family most probably summer would be the best season to buy your condo. You will have more time and the moving would not be added to the stress of the school start.


During fall you will not be able to have very good tours due to the weather. Moreover, only the condos that were not sold during the two previous seasons are usually available. Meaning that there are not new options.

The prices will decrease because many people who wanted to sell their condos are advised by the retailers to decrease the price. Not many people decide to buy condos during fall because there will not be as many open houses, but those who decide will be very serious. So the competition is very strong.

If you really liked a condo during the spring or summer season but their price was very high you must buy it immediately as the price decreases at the beginning of fall. If you wait for somebody else might make a better deal.


Winter is not considered a real estate season. The majority of the families want to spend the holidays in peace and not be stressed with house hunting. Therefore, it is the best season to find the best prices. If you want to buy a good condo and also save money then winter is the right season for you.

You will get a tour if you ask for one although it might not be as pleasing as in spring or summer. Moreover, as said, the prices are very low. Also, you will not have to worry about competition because the majority of people do not buy houses in winter.